Moving away from medium

Harpreet Singh
2 min readFeb 11, 2022

For the wonderful people who follow me: I have decided to move away from posting on Medium.

You can find me on and subscribe to my posts directly there.

A quick why to shed light on my decision.

I am a hobbyist writer — as in, I am not trying to build a indie blog publishing business. I don’t have a burning desire to build a business around a particular niche.

I just don’t think everything hobby or passion should be monetizable. I write because I love writing. I love multiple topics. I love learning new topics — enough people have talked about hacking learning new topics as a niche.

Everyday, I am busy building my own startup ( which is my passion project (Yes, I am hiring). I write when I get some cycles and a short downtime.

I had moved to Medium because as a

  1. Reader — I wanted to find new and interesting things to read about
  2. Writer — the allure of more visibility & engagement to my content and a better writing experience

Medium scored well with its writing experience, the editor is way better than my wordpress site. To the point, that over time I stopped posting on my wordpress site.

The visibility & engagement of my content didn’t pan out as I envision. It is because Medium rewards people who have a passion to “become a writer” and grind out, post day in and out. The hope is that one day the algorithm will deliver. My passion is my startup which gives precious few cycles or desire to try to build an alternative career. I don’t call this as Mediums problem, it is my issue. A clap or an occasional follow isn’t quite engagement I was looking for. The fact the Medium owns that list is not exactly great.

Where Medium failed me was a reader. I got tired of seeing the same type of content being delivered to me. It is good to get content around topics of your interest but just as with all algorithms on the social net, what I gave up was finding new interesting topics to learn about.

I fiddled with settings a few times but wasn’t too passionate to keep going at it.

Ultimately, my desire to come to Medium just went to zero.

I have moved my website from Wordpress and blogs from Medium to my own site that is hosted on Ghost. The subscriber list is mine, the posting experience is similar to Medium.

If you liked my content, I ask you to follow me there. If that is too much, I wish you the best and hope that we meet on the interwebs in the future.