Find the middle way in an opinionated world

Harpreet Singh
2 min readFeb 19, 2020
pic credit: harpreet singh

Opinion A: The Muslims are out to kill Hindus. The Hindus will take control and finally get back for the 1,000 years of subjugation.

Opinion B: The Hindus are out to kill muslims but Muslims will push back and will build an Islamic sharia in India.

The above polar opposite opinions land on my Facebook these days. Driven by a hyper-partisan Indian media which has gone the US news route. Gone are the days, where media provided a balanced opinion.

The media manipulates the human psyche to divide humankind. My own opinion fluctuates depending on who I have paid more attention to.

Facebook shows you opinions that you like and tilts everything its way so that you don’t see anything new. People hide behind a fort of their opinions. They amplify negatives of the people that don’t match their worldview.

This macro trend that happens for news items shows up on a micro trend during our daily lives at work and at home.

We dig in and entrench ourselves behind a fort, closing ourselves to the world.

The next time, we find ourselves in a fort, we should ask ourselves “is there a middle path that bridges our gap?”

More often than not, there is a middle way and it leads to better answers.

Originally published at on February 19, 2020.